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Tim Needham is a structural geologist and managing director of Needham Geoscience. He has worked
as a structural geologist in the petroleum industry since 1988. Before forming Needham Geoscience he has worked with:

Rock Deformation Research (RDR)
BP Exploration
Badley Earth Sciences
Robertson Research

Tim Needham
Tim Needham

His particular interests are fault and fault seal analysis, structural restoration and naturally fractured reservoirs. Tim has conducted structural evaluations in exploration, appraisal and production settings. These studies range from the analysis of reservoir-scale deformation in core or using image logs, structural interpretation on individual fields and prospects to regional basin scale appraisals. Geographically, these studies include areas of the North Sea, Middle East, North America, South America, North and West Africa and SE Asia.

He has been involved in the delivery of training courses in structural geology, fault seal analysis and fractured reservoir description to industry geoscientists worldwide. Tim also contributes to the teaching on the MSc. course in Structural Geology with Geophysics at Leeds University.

Tim gained a BSc in Geology from Imperial College, London in 1981 followed by a PhD from Leeds University in 1984 for research into the deformation processes at active continental margins which he continued with a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Durham University. Before moving into industry Tim also lectured at University of London Goldsmiths’ College. Tim is also involved with Geological Society of London. He acted as an editor for the Journal of the Geological Society (2004-14) and sat on the Petroleum Group committee. Tim also jointly edited GSL Special Publication 348, 'Hydrocarbons in Contractional Belts'.

A selection of Tim’s publications:

Dalton, T.J.S. , Paton, D.A., Oldfield, S.J., Needham, D.T. & Wood, A.M. 2017. The importance of missing strain in deep water fold and thrust belts. Marine & Petroleum Geology 82, 163-177.

Dalton, T.J.S. , Paton, D.A. & Needham, T. 2016. The influence of mechanical stratigraphy on multi-layer gravity collapse structures: insights from the Orange Basin, South Africa. In: Sabato Ceraldi, T., Hodgkinson, R. A. & Backe, G. (eds). Petroleum Geoscience of the West Africa Margin. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 438, 211-228.

Dalton, T.J.S. , Paton, D.A., Needham, T. & Hodgson, N. 2015. Temporal and spatial evolution of deepwater fold thrust belts: Implications for quantifying strain imbalance. Interpretation 3, SAA59-SAA70.

Goffey, G.P., Craig, J., Needham, T. & Scott, R. 2010. Fold–thrust belts: overlooked provinces or justifiably avoided? In: Goffey, G. P., Craig, J., Needham, T. & Scott, R. (eds) Hydrocarbons in Contractional Belts. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 348, 1–6.

Needham, T., Li, A., Carr. C., Schorr, G., Benmahiddi, S. & Pena, J-L. Faulting and fault sealing in the
TAGI Formation of the Ourhoud field, Algeria. Petroleum Geoscience 14, 379-388.

Wenneberg, O.P., Malm, O., Needham T., Edwards, E., Ottesen, S., Karlsen, F., Rennan, L & Knipe, R.
In press. On the occurrence and formation of open fractures in the Jurassic reservoir sandstones of the Snøhvit Field, Hammerfest Basin. Petroleum Geoscience 14, 139-150

Freeman, B., Yielding, G., Needham, D.T. & Badley, M.E. 1998. Fault seal prediction: the gouge ratio method. In: Coward, M.P., Johnson, H. & Daltaban, T.S. (eds). Structural Geology in Reservoir Characterization. Special Publication of the Geological Society, London 127, 19-25.

Needham, T. & Morgan, R. 1997. The East Irish Sea and adjacent basins - new faults or old?
Journal of the Geological Society, London 154, 145-150.

Yielding, G., Freeman, B. & Needham, D.T.  1997. Quantitative fault seal prediction. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin 81, 897-917. Awarded Best Seminal Paper by AAPG Petroleum Structure & Geomechanics Division 2017

Needham, T., Yielding, G. & Fox, R. 1996. Fault population description and prediction: examples from the offshore UK. Journal of Structural Geology 18, 155-167.

Yielding, G., Needham, T. & Jones, H. 1996 .Sampling of fault populations using sub-surface data: a review. Journal of Structural Geology 18, 135-146.

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The airport has connections to Heathrow, Amsterdam and Aberdeen allowing a worldwide scope to business.

There are good rail and road links with the nearby city of Leeds and the Yorkshire Dales are only a few minutes in the opposite direction.


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